Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Twins arrived

Robert Allan Mackie
Hannah Adrian Mackie

Zyan William Zamisky

Meika Layne Shaflik and her new puppy Rocky
So sorry I am late with this post - the twins arrived safely on April 19 mid afternoon. They were each 6 pounds and 19" long. They are very sweet. There names are Hannah Adrain and Robert Allan Mackie. They stayed in hospital for a few days to get the feeding sorted out and now are home, happy, healthy and gaining weight. I didn't get near as much time with them as  wanted to but will see them soon again.
Above are pictures of all our grandchildren. I feel so blessed.


kate said...

Congratulations, Shelley. Enjoy them!!

Shan said...

Congratulations Shelley! What a beautiful family!