Sunday, August 28, 2005

Back from camp

We are back from camp and it will take at least a week to unpack. It is amazing the amount of stuff you need to take when you have a child with special needs. Its a good thing we have a big van. Anyways we had a good time. There was a lot going on for all of us and it was great to see some old friends and meet some new families. We also got to see Megan and Meika. Here is a picture of them in their Harley shirts
Megan and Meika. She is growing up so quickly and she is so much fun to play with.
We were able to visit with all our kids but for some reason only got pictures of Meika.
I got a bit of knitting done while I was away. I am knitting a sweater for a customer using ecoknits cotton. I will post the picture when it is done.
Yesterday was very busy at the store. Gary and Stephanie the Reps. from Diamond and Nova yarns came to see us with all their suitcases full of yarn.
Wow that is fun. Talk about getting yarn overload.
I ordered lots of yarn and new patterns for the store.
One thing I am excited about is the new sock yarns. Regia has a new line of yarn called the Canadian Fashion series
Regia Canadian Fashion sock yarn colours. Sorry the colour samples are so little but it is the only one I can find.
The other sock yarn I ordered was the Online Sierra I have been waiting for this yarn to reappear. It is really nice so I am glad I can order it again. I also ordered the Online Caribbean Collection
These colours are great and I can't wait to knit some of these socks.
I also orderd lots of scarf yarn,. pictures to follow.
The new Noro Silver thaw
Noro Silver Thaw.
I ordered all the colours and enough to make a sweater for myself out of #3 colour. I love this yarn. It is sooooooooooo soft.
I also ordered a few other yarns from Schachenmayr, Rosato in colours 52, 35, 33, 72, 01 and 52. This is very soft yarn and would make a lovely substitute for angora.
Sportic in a few colours,
52, 53, 31, 33, 70, 71,12, 10.
This yarn is very nice bulky yarn and should be fun to make up some patterns for.
I also got a new Baby yarn - Baby Bravo Soft in great bright colours.
Now I need a bigger store or more creative shelf packing methods. Any ideas are welcome.
Did I mention I ordered lots of pattern too.
Now I can't wait for it all to come.
I also ordered one surprise that I will post a picture of when it comes.


Uli said...

#3 would be my colour in that Noro yarn, too.

You mention the Baby Bravo... I've never seen it but I think Mary Maxim has it advertised in a kit for two different baby sweaters. One is one with vertical cable bands in orange, blue, green etc. Does this sound similar to something you might be getting? Talk to you later.....

Anonymous said...

I saw the Silver Thaw on vacation, and it is beautiful. One skein came home with me. I'll show pics of my stash acquisitions on my blog tomorrow. I also saw the new Online Sierra, and it is very nice too. I was hoping you'd be getting some in!

Anonymous said...

One more quick thing...I bought #3 too, we all have the same taste!

Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying the pictures of your yarn shop from empty to filled. It is amazing how much one can fit in a small space. Just curious about the 2 back doors. One brown and one white - is one a store room and the other the loo?
Have a new yarn shop in my area and want to give her some ideas as the shop isn't too large - although I think it is a bit larger than your cute cottage.
I also am enjoying the baby pictures - the doll was adrable but your grandaughter is way cuter.