Sunday, October 16, 2005

New Opal Yarns

The new Opal 6ply sock and sweater yarn is here and wow are they ever nice. The colours are very rich. I love the red and multi of course.
Also the New 2005 Uni colours are here. There are more earthy colors available now.
Thay are great for trim on the Bees Knees patterns
I am in the process of putting together list of which yarns match. This will be available on my new web site once it is operational. It is coming soon.

Also coming this week will be the Llama and angora or llama and merino wool sock yarn. It is amazing. I am knitting a pair of the llama angora socks right now. The are so warm. You can feel the warmth when knitting them. I will post here once it is all listed.
Had a good week. Megan and Meika were here so got very little else done but play with the baby. Wow is she cute. I will post a picture of her later once I sift through the hundreds of pictures and pick the best. She is so fun to play with now. She turned 4 months old on Friday. The store was great yesterday but it didn't get any pictures.

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