Sunday, October 02, 2005

Shawl fun

I had a great day at the store yesterday. It was busy all day  and I got orders for 2 more sweaters to knit and more socks, so I should be busy this week.

Brenda came to the store and we had a nice visit. It was fairly quiet so we had time for fun. She helped me pick out colours for a sweater that my Mom is going to make me for my birthday. Lucky me. I will post about it once I know for sure the colours I want. Brenda.'s shawl is amazing. It is so soft and snuggly. The Image hosted by Photobucket.comsweatermaker yarn is really nice. I need to get more in the store soon.

I decided I want to make that shawl too. I am going to use 3 colours of Batik and 3 strands thick. I am going to try and do a shading change of colours.

I haven't done a swatch yet to see how it will look but I can see it in my mind and it looks great. I am too lazy tonight to wind yarn so it will have to wait.

Image hosted by

My son is going to help me with my web site to get it looking good again. I think we are a long ways from having the online store but it is going to be a work in progress for a while. In the meantime there is always eBay. I better go get knitting. 

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Uli said...

Hi Shelley,

Brenda's shawl looks awesome. I love the feather and fan pattern and the colours are pretty.

I also thinnk a shwal made with the colours of the Opal Batik in that combination will look great. Can't wait to see some progress shots.

Take care