Friday, February 10, 2006

Start of the Olympics

As everyone is posed for the start of the Olympics The Knitting Olympics I mean. I decided I would do some serious finishing during this time. First to finish will be the twisted float shrug. It is nearly done. Sleeve #2 is on the needles. I also started knitting a sweater for myself with Malabrigo in colour 137. It is the nicest yarn I have ever knit with and I may never knit with anything again. The Lorna's Laces is just as nice. So between the two sweaters I am knitting, I am completely spoiled. I will post pictures of both sweaters when done.
The Malabrigo sweater is the yoked cable sweater from this months Vogue magazine.
I also have several pair of baby socks nearly done. I am trying to make a pattern for baby socks that stay on those chubby little feet. I will post my pattern when done and if they are successful and stay on her feet. I am sending some socks down to Meika to try out. Lets hope she can't kick them off.
Hope everyone enjoys the Olympics and gets lots of knitting done.

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Anonymous said...

The Malabrigo - definitely the nicest yarn I've ever used too. I'm loving my almost-completed mini-sweater (need to buy another skein to finish). And it's great to see that someone else in the area is participating in the Knitting Olympics. I am freaking out because the LYS in Campbell River doesn't have the needle size I need to get gauge, and Fun Knits doesn't open until tomorrow at noon - I'm losing 22 hours of knitting time! But I'll be at your door when it opens, and I'll cast on while enjoying the ferry journey back. See you tomorrow!