Sunday, July 30, 2006

A fun week with Meika

I had a very fun week playing with Meika. I got hardly any knitting done but that is ok. I have lots of pictures of Meika but first here is an update on Sweetie. He is getting a lot better. He still won't go outside on his own. My husband has to go out with him a few times a day. He is finding his place in our home and has hissed and hit all of the other animals. He spent his first week here sleeping on the couch and now he is starting to explore and play a bit. He is looking a lot better and has gained a bit of weight. He is saying hi to everyone in this picture.
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Now on to Meika. First thing I want to mention Meika is modeling for the new Bees Knees Pattern Peacock. It is sure a cute pattern and the sweater looks very cute on her. Good going Holli, another great pattern. Here is a bunch of pictures of our fun week together. I noticed I don't have any pictures of Megan, She was here too but Meika was in the spot light.
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Here she is watering Grandma's flowers and herself. She is walking now.
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In her pool. It was a nice hot week.
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Playing with her Little People castle. She loved this toy.
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Playing in the sand with me at the beach. We went swiming a few times in the ocean while she was here. The water is still quite cold but Meika didn't care, she just charged in. She walked into the water really deep and then I carried her in up to my neck and she loved it. She is a water baby for sure.

I will be posting the Flashy Finger gloves pattern on Aug 1st and the yarn for making it, Opal Saphir will be our August sale yarn. Watch for  this.

Only a few days left of the Online sale and free Mini Opals with a $50. purchase.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a fun week. Meike is such a little cutie, and toddler's are so much fun.