Monday, October 15, 2007

Great Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend. Here is how it went. Friday we drove to Judy and Ihor's house and got settled into their guest house. It was wonderful. They live on beautiful place right on a lake. The weather was perfect all weekend. We just visited on Friday night.

Saturday Judy and I got out the spinning wheels. It was so beautiful we sat out on the deck to spin. I finished spinning my very thick and thin beginner yarn. It was awful but I will keep it anyways. Then Judy rowed me around their lake. What a treat.

Saturday we had a fun party. It was a pot luck dinner and the food was great. I got to visit with lots of old friends and meet some new ones. Here is a picture of Raven with her hand spun Navajo plied yarn that she is knitting a scarf with. She is a very new spinner and this yarn was perfect. Wow I was impressed. We played a fun knitting game. We all sat in a circle and 9 of us knit on the same huge round garment. And here is Judy wearing the finished product. She is going to use it as a Christmas garland on her tree. This was a lot of fun to knit and we made a great video of our fun. I am hoping to put this onto Youtube so you can all see our fun. Have to figure out how first.
On Sunday I spun all day and actually produced yarn I was proud of. I will show a picture when I get one taken. We then went out for dinner. All weekend we had a great time. Thanks Judy and Ihor for a wonderful weekend.

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TrampledbyGeese said...

That was a delightful dinner. Thanks again for inviting me.

Let me know if you get a video of the knitters circle up. :)