Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Malabrigo is here

I got 5 boxes of Malabrigo today. I got every colour of Malabrigo sock yarn except the colour 801 it is back ordered. I need to control myself not to cast on a pair of socks until I have all of this yarn inventoried. I want to knit my husband a pair of #800 for Christmas. I will have this yarn available on the web site by Sunday. If you want -need a particular colour you can email me or phone the store 1-250-285-2751 to purchase before it gets on the web site.
The last order of Malabrigo sock yarn lasted only a few days when I was at Gibson's fibrefest.
Aside from the sock yarn I got in 10 colours of Malabrigo worsted weight 44, 80, 88, 137, 203, 204, 194, 148, 173, 83 and 10 colours of Malabrigo lace weight. 247, 204, 137, 229, 203, 181, 5, 21, 30, 44 .
What amazing yarn.


Shan said...

Oh Shelley, Shelley, Shelley. How I WISH I could come to Christmas in the Cove tomorrow....but alas I think it's not to be. Have a good time though, and if there's any Malabrigo left (ha ha ha) I'll paw through it next time.

"Skipper" said...

Just came by to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! All the best of the Holiday Season to you all... :-)