Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Year and New changes

Well if anyone still reads this blog you may notice I have been absent from blogging for most of December. I have been incredibly busy with life and have had no time extra for blogging. I love to keep in touch with the blog and feel bad when I just get busy and can't blog. Because of this I am introducing some changes. New year always prompts change for me.
I have added a few new authors to the blog
Deb - has been working at the store for quite a while now - she is my organizer - she is the reason you can find anything in the store and she is a good balance for me because I am not organized. Deb will be blogging about her ventures in the store
Kate - has been working for Fun Knits for a few months now. She is more behind the scenes so many of you may not have met her. She is updating the web site weekly and keep things alive on Ravelry etc. ... Kate will also be blogging
Mom (aka Donna) - she has been on this journey of Fun Knits since the beginning. She is my knitting teacher and mentor and has a lot to share. I hope she will blog also.
I will probably be more prompted to blog with all of this action going on.
I will certainly be checking it daily to see what everyone is saying.
So stay tuned. This blog should get very busy again.
Happy New year to everyone

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