Thursday, January 15, 2009

A few hours between spinners...

What a wonderful time we newer spinners had with the island's original group of spinners who invited us to join them for Distaff Day.  Thank you to Marg for sharing her gorgeous home in the woods. Everyone brought their wheels and fleece, and went to it, happily spinning, laughing, plying, talking, eating, and knitting up the handspun.  (Shelley, you were missed by all - and next time, I'll woman the fort and you can go play.)  I'm inspired all over again and can hardly wait to get to work tomorrow to wiggle my fingers through a new bag of Northern Lights - I think I'll go for the stunning "forest glade." 


Anonymous said...

Oh what a good time we all had! And yes Shelley you were missed by all of us.

A big thanks to the islands original group and Marg for opening up her beautiful home to all of us for the day.

I can hardly wait for our next spinning get together!

Fun Knits said...

Next year we will get Mom to work and we can both go or close the store. Sounds like a good reason to close to me. Sorry I missed it.