Friday, January 23, 2009

more great colours at Fun Knits...

"Sweatermaker" braided beauties are hand-dyed by Judy McLean in Courtney.  This is only a sprinking of the many fabulous colours we have in stock.
Vivian Dorsett's handspun, hand-dyed, and hand knit articles -- a 'must see' area.

This is a delightful section of the shop with dozens of colourful bags of soft, fluffy roving, fibre and silk hankies. We also carry smaller bags full of small amounts of fibre in various colours for embellishment or other art/felt/spinning projects.
Isn't it amazing how a bag of neon bright fibre (bag on left) can translate into a more subtle multi-coloured skein of spun yarn (long thin twisted skein on right).
And finally, a bouquet of dahlias for all!

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Anonymous said...

Having visited your store last April while on vacation on Van Isle. I am so happy to see your more frequent postings. Keep up the good work.