Monday, March 09, 2009

A couple more fun bits.....

Below is a photo of Shelley's gorgeous Kauni shawl. Stunning work, Shelley!! Can't wait to see Kate's Kauni shawl too, and hear more about the Kauni KAL.

This lovely young woman (who claims to be a beginning knitter) decided to jump into the extreme deep end and bought 13 bright scarlet skeins of Atlantic Briggs & Little to knit herself the absolutely exquisite bloom-filled knockout called "Sylvi," published in Twist Collective Winter 2008. We will definitely keep you posted on her progress with this one!

A pleasant evening to each of you, and many delightful hours of knitting.


Fun Knits said...

Deb I put in link to Sylvi as people need to see this. What an amazing sweater. I am excited to see her progress on this sweater too.

Anonymous said...

Twist Collective has some amazing patterns!

I'm hoping Wednesday night to get a picture of three of us with our Kauni shawls, at knit night. Will post it!

Tara Kaye said...

I'm finishing two sweaters before I start the Sylvi. One is 99% done and the other 65% done; The good new is I'm a Part-time to full-time knitter so it won't be longer then another week.

I can't wait to start the Sylvi!! Sometimes I just want to throw my other projects in my basket and start knitting that cool red yarn...But It's best I finish what I'm working on. I'll keep you posted.
Tara Kaye