Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sideways Scarves

I have developed a love of sideways-knit (or lengthwise as it's also known) scarves. You can change the look so easily this way. Knowing how many stitches to cast on can be a bit confusing sometimes, but that adds to the adventure.

My latest sideways scarf was based on a scarf that I saw on someone's Ravelry projects. There was no pattern, but the scarf was a simple combination of garter rows and drop stitch rows, knit lengthways. The scarf I saw was done in Malabrigo and was so gorgeous I knew I had to make one of my own.

I used some left over Sweatermaker Sock Yarn, probably about 350m worth (two skeins' left-overs). I knit on a 4mm (6 US) and randomly added either garter rows or drop stitch rows. Some of the drop stitch rows were single wrap and some were double wrap. I also did a Russian join on this one - a new technique for me.

I am very pleased with the result, although it is a little long ... all part of the adventure :)


Shan said...

I like the idea of the Russian join but the first yarn I tried it on wasn't suitable for it, so I am always reluctant to do it since then.

Nice scarf!

Anonymous said...

The scarf looks great. I've been tempted by this idea because of Ravelry as well. I almost always use the Russion join. Sometimes it works better than others but I still think it's better than sewing in ends.