Sunday, November 29, 2009

Evolving Cables Gloves.

These gloves have a great cable pattern that is evolving by one row each time you do a cable row. In order to keep track of this easily I used my new knitting tool that I know can't live without. We got these Row Counter Plus in the store last week and I knew it was just the item to use when knitting these fingerless gloves. To use this counter I merely used the #1 counter for the rows I was knitting between cables and the #2 was used for the number of times I cabled. If anyone has knit cables before you know it can be hard to tell where the cable row goes if you loose count. With this counter I simply click the big button on the counter when I start every row. For example on the 2nd cables on my pattern I have 4 rows before I cable. So when I start the first stitch of the row after the cable I clear the rows to "0" then I click the big button and it will say "1" and I repeat this until "4" then I know I should cable again. I change to the #2 setting and change the number from "3" to "4" click the buttons until I am back on the #1 setting and start counting to 5 rows for the next cable.
I never got lost , confused or made a mistake on the next glove I knit.
This tool would be great for keeping track of increases, or decreases that are so many rows apart. I can think of a lot more uses for it too
The Row Counter Plus normally retails for $35 US but we are selling it for $20.95 this week.
They will sell quick so don't miss this deal
This is the description of the counter by the manufacturer
Here is how the Row Counter Plus works:
The unit has 3 counters on the display. Each counter is numbered (1, 2 or 3). In the picture above, the large "10" count is the #1 counter and is in the "active zone" (the zone which the user is currently counting) and this number can be added to or subtracted from. The other two counts (the "4" and the "2") are in the inactive zones. To move one of these numbers into the active zone, the user simply depresses the small button to the left of the large button in the upper center. This button "rotates" all three counts in a clockwise direction one position at a time. When the numbers are rotated one position, the number "2" comes into the active zone and the user can then add to or subtract from that number.
The user adds to the count in the active zone by depressing the large center button and subtracts by depressing the smaller center button.
The small button in the upper right is the Reset button which resets to 0 any number that is in the active zone when it is depressed. This button also turns off the electronic beep tone if it is held down for 3 seconds.
How is it actually used?
You could start counting ROWS with the number 1 counter. Let's say you have a repeat in your pattern every 10 rows. You start counting your rows with the #1 counter. When you reach 10 in the #1 counter, you ROTATE the numbers one position clockwise until the #3 counter comes into the active zone. This will be used as your REPEAT counter. You then add 1 to this counter meaning you have completed 1 repeat.
You then ROTATE the counters TWICE so that your #1 counter is back in the active zone. Since this will still have a count of 10 in the display, you RESET this number to 0 and then resume counting your rows again until all of your repeats are done.
The whole process goes very quickly once you learn the sequence which is not complex at all (it is actually harder to explain than it is to actually do it).

If I didn't already buy one of these it would definitely be on my Christmas wish list.

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