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A Fan and Feather Lace Tutorial

A Fan and Feather Lace Tutorial

The fan and feather pattern is an old lace pattern also known as Old Shale. It is a very commonly used pattern and I am not sure who can take credit for inventing this pattern as I haven’t researched that. It is a simple lace pattern that can give amazing results when knit with patterned yarn or yarns that self stripe. The stripe will wave which gives an added bonus. Our scarves shown are done with both the self-striping yarn (Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn - below) the hand dyed mottled yarn (Sweatermaker Silk and Merino - above). The pattern is a simple multiple of 18 plus whatever stitches you want for the edges. In our case we have 72 stitches plus 3 on each edge for knit.
You can make the fan and feather pattern any width you choose by simply adding multiples of 18 for this particular pattern. Add 3 more patterns you get a shawl. Add 6 more pattern you get a blanket etc… Knit this in heavy yarn and big needles you get a heavy weight shawl with the pattern shown.

Cast on 78 stitches
Row 1: knit
Row 2: knit 3, purl to the last 3 stitches, knit 3
Row 3: knit 3, *k2tog 3 times, yo, k1 6 times, ssk 3 times,*
Row 4: knit

ssk –slip, slip, knit
k2 tog – knit 2 stitches together
yo – yarn over the needle

Repeat these 4 rows until your desired length.
Cast off and sew in your ends. Block lightly

A few tips – The purl row is always on a row when the wrong side of the knitting is facing you.
The 2nd knit row and the pattern row are done with the right side of the knitting facing you. This may help you not get lost until the pattern becomes obvious.

When knitting the fan and feather pattern you can simply choose to k2tog or ssk for all of your decreases. I choose to alternate ssk and k2 tog as I like the look much better. The ssk stitches make a left leaning slant and the k2tog make a right leaning slant to the finished stitch. This gives the garment more structure in my opinion. The slants of the decreases meet in the middle of the fan part of the pattern and this opens the pattern up and it lays flatter. It also emphasizes the middle of the fan.
Do a sample and try both ways to see which way you prefer.
Enjoy knitting the scarf.
PS - Deb you can knit this I will help you

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Deb said...

and i LOVE that scarf, i'm always touching it at the store. carol is teaching me "idiot lace" (what a horrible name), so i'm starting to 'get' the yarn overs. hope to see/talk to you on thur, fri or sat this week. let's chat about weaving too!!!! oh yeh, and also salt spring island accomodations :)