Thursday, February 11, 2010

Weaving with Kauni

This Kauni EQ yarn is going to become a woven blanket. Ever since I started getting Kauni yarn I always wanted to weave a blanket with it. I imagined this great rainbow colourful blanket that would be so soft and warm but light. Finally I will get to see this. I wound the warp and it was amazing. Since there are 434 ends in the blanket I had to wind the warp in 2 sections. They looked great chained up and waiting to go on the loom.
I finished getting the warp on the loom late last night so today I want to play hookey from all of my commitments and weave. I can't even imagine how neat this will look. I think it will make little checks when I weave it. I am not sure. I will post once the weaving starts and show how it looks.

My loom is a 60" Gertrude Woolhouse loom.


kate said...

Oh wow - isn't that beautiful! And the perfect colours for the weather this week, what a great pick-me-up working on that must be.

Fun Knits said...

grandma and I are winding bobbins.

Rona said...

Ohhh it's gorgeous Shelley! I look forward to the progress updates.

Uli said...

Looks awesome!!! Hoping the Kauni will hold up as a warp nicely.