Monday, October 18, 2010

Maiwa Workshop

As many of you know I am learning to weave and I have taken several workshops with Jane Stafford but this workshop was the ultimate. I learned so much I don't know where to begin sharing this experience. Firstly the location. The Maiwa loft on Granville Island. We were in this room surrounded by one of a kind, hand woven, hand dyed, sewn, quilted fabric, wonderful wooden book cases full of every imaginable book on every form of fibre art, Trinkets - wooden block stamps, leather bags. It really set the mood for the course. There were 12 students and 12 looms in this room. It was fantastic to say the least.

Little displays of stuff everywhere you looked

We were surrounded by amazing fabric

Bookcases full of books from around the world about everything fibre

More trinkets

We spent a lot of time every morning examing fabulous weaving to see how they did it. This was so much fun

Finding your Zen
2/16 cotton 24 epi. 24ppi
this was an exercize in fine tuning our weaving
We learned how to make Double weave fabric with a horizontal join, Cording, Double width fabric, Fringe on 4 sides with an inlay and interior fringe, Denting with Elastic silk and Finding your Zen.
All of these are woven on 4 shaft table looms. We all wove samples of each of these weave structures.
I still have the fringe one on my loom to do at home as I didn't have time to finish it there.
For non weavers reading this post epi means ends per inch (the amount of ends of yarn on the loom in an inch) and ppi means picks per inch ( the amount of you weave in an inch).

Denting with Silk Elastic
12g Bamboo 20 epi, 20 ppi

Double width
2/18 Zephyr wool and silk
16epi. 16 ppi on each layer

2/60 silk
40epi, 40 ppi
My sample is 36 ppi

DoubleWeave horizontal join
12 g bamboo
24 epi, 24 ppi on each layer


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Deb said...

wow, shelley, it all looks fabulous! can't wait to talk to you about it in detail. see you soon, deb