Sunday, October 03, 2010

Retreat Sunday Oct 3

(This is Shelley's post, with help from Kate at home to upload the pictures.)

The project for this retreat - the teddy bear sweater version of Lucy Neatby's Venus Rising Sweater.

Samples of Lucy Neatby's projects

Soaking up the knitting information!

HI Everyone from the retreat. This is an amazing retreat. I have been a knitter for about 50 years now, yes I started very young!! and I learned more this weekend than I have ever learned about knitting. Even simple things like counting your rows. Lucy has an amazing knowledge of knitting and design. Her approach to knitting and her descriptions of the family of stitches ex - the parent stitches and the grand parent stitches, the public and the private side of the knitting and many mores descriptions that make the knitting come alive and make you want to treat your knitting with much more respect.

We have many comments from retreat participants and lots of pictures to share with you but first this is what Lucy had to say:

I'm writing this whilst listening to the Pacific waves lapping on the shores of Quadra Island (just off Campbell River on Vancouver Island). Shelley and Linda, the Fun Knits team, are hosting a delightful knitting camp at Tsa-Kwa-Luten lodge.
I've just returned from an eye-popping show and tell. It's always a joy to see the fruits of the needles of ardent knitters. Many,various and breathtaking would be my brief description, but hardly does the pieces justice (but forgive me, it is late in the day). Thus far we've had two challenging days of wrestling with copious short rows, long circular needles and triple strand Navaho knitting, which is all now beginning to yield results in the form of a multitude of scantily dressed teddies, now clad in at least the first half of their future Venus Rising Cardigans.We are hoping for decency in apparel tomorrow!

Happy stitches and stitchers all.
Lucy Neatby

Here are some comments from other retreat participants:

It's wonderful

Great day wonderful retreat

Blow out

Totally wonderful

Better than I ever imagined

What a great retreat - super place, super people, super knitting
Thanks Fun Knits

I have forged a new relationship with my stitches I want only happy stitches, no strangulation, or internation incidents, with their australian cousins down under - Yes you really needed to be here to understand this comment. It is fabulous.
Linda C

The retreat is amazing and so intense. My head is full of great knitting ideas and new approaches to old knitting ideas.
I will always strive for contented stitches.

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