Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pink Froth

I picked up this pink ball of mohair/silk blend at the store in the summer, knowing it would be perfect for my sister-in-law who loves pink. The yarn is Alessandra Filati Super Kid, and it is a lace-weight, 70% mohair 30% silk yarn. I knit the scarf on size 6mm needles to get a really airy feel.

I managed to use all but about 1.5 metres of the 212 metre skein, so it was the perfect amount for a scarf - a very pretty product for not a lot of price (love lace weight yarn for economical knitting).

I love the final product, even though knitting with mohair really does make me itchy. Dratted sensitive skin! I know my sister-in-law will love it.

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Fun Knits said...

the scarf is beautiful kate. I am sure she will love it.That mohair/ silk is amazing yarn