Sunday, November 14, 2010

Spring Retreat cancelled

We have decided to cancel the spring retreat at the end of April. We didn't have a guest presenter anyways. Linda and I both felt with my 3 new grand babies all due March and April I would be a little busy.  Sorry if this is dissapointing for anyone but the fall retreat with Sally Melville is Sept 29 - Oct 2 so mark your calendars and keep that weekend free. More details on this retreat in the next few weeks. I just know it will be a great retreat.

I am busily weaving for Christmas presents right now, and once Christmas is over I will start weaving baby blankets.
I have also been knitting lots of socks. I spent a lot of time in hospital with my sister before she died and got several pairs ( yes I said pairs) of socks finished.
After Christmas I need to make 2 more baby sheep sweaters and hats. I am just waiting for the next ultra sound of the twins to see if they are boys, girls or 1 of each.

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