Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Countdown

All of our presents are bought and some wrapped. That will be one of todays jobs. I have all 12 of the little hats done. I hope to get a picture of the children wearing them and when I do I will post it. I have only 2 scarves left to knit. This will be easy as they are on big needles. I saved the best scarf for the last. It is going to made with Colinette Isis and Giotto. I did that on purpose because I am really sick of knitting hats and scarves. If I have time I will make a few pair of socks on my machine tonight (but I doubt it)
I have done no baking, the tree is only half decorated. All of our visitors are arriving tomorrow (yikes when I put that into words it becomes a reality) I am not ready. For Christmas we are having my daughter, her husband and of course Meika. My son and his wife and Meika's other Grandma and Grandpa.
My Mom and Dad, sister, brother and his family will all come over Christmas day (Yes I have a large house) We decided that since it was Meika's first Christmas and no one wanted to miss that we would all get together. Then there is my husbands side of the family who will all come at some time during the day. They all live on Quadra, in total they are 14, plus 7 other guest visiting. So the total visitors we are expecting is 34. Do you think that sounds fun, Well I sure do.

We have lots of food, lots of gifts and lots of love to share, so who cares if there is no home baking or socks for everyone.

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