Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Yes I am still here

For anyone who reads this blog when I disappear for a few days I am either on holidays (not Likely) or in hospital with my special needs son. It was the latter. I took him in very early Friday morning and he was admitted. He had pneumonia. That isn't something he normally gets. He was quite sick. He had a few days of IV antibiotics and now we are home. He is a lot better and now we can get ready for Christmas.
I got a fair bit of knitting done in the hospital. I got 4 scarves knit and I am on hat #12. I haven't got any socks knit and I think I will just forget that. They can come after Christmas. Yesterday I had to catch up on my sleep (you don't get much while in Hospital) and today I have to clean my house and wrap presents. I would rather knit. I have the store this afternoon so maybe I can finish the hats tonight.
You would think I would get a lot of knitting done while I am at the store but I am lucky to get 2-3 rows knit ever. It is busy usually and I am glad for that.
I have 2 scarves left to knit but they will be quick.
Tomorrow we are going to Naniamo to last minute Christmas shop. I will get lots of knitting done on the trip too. I am looking forward to that.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that your son took such a turn for the worse. Glad you're all home and he's on the mend now.

Uli said...

Hope Cameron gets better soon. It's good to be out of the hospital before Christmas. I'm wrapping presents on Friday while Erika is at daycare so she won't get too suspicious.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear.... I knew I had forgotten something.... wrapping the gifts. LOL! Hope your son recuperates quickly and you can all enjoy the holidays together. :)

tammy said...

Sending good thoughts your way! Take care and have a lovely Christmas!