Friday, March 03, 2006

Meika pictures

Well yesterday I promised some pictures and here they are. Mostly pictures of Meika and Megan's visit. So if you don't love baby pictures scroll to the bottom and you can see the booth at the Needlearts Show. 
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This is Meika's first snowman. For anyone who doesn't know, we don't get much snow where we live so it is always a novelty. Everyone big and little always makes a snowman. This was her first and she loved it. I am not sure who had more fun Megan or Meika. 
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Meika and Grandma warming up after the snowman fun.
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Meika getting into stuff. She can get around now and she is very quick to get into stuff other than toys.
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My happy girls. I just love this picture. Notice Megan is wearing her Regia Cotton socks.
OK enough Grandma pictures now back to yarn.
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This was our booth at the show. It was great. I brought over a good cross section of yarn from the store and lots of sock yarn. I brought needles and books too. We had a lot of shoppers but I took the picture during the only quiet moment so you could see all the yarn. We had an ugly basketball net right over the booth so we decorated it with scarves. It looked great.
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Oh gee another Meika pcture. Well this is Mom and Meika at the show. Meika was helping Grandma run the booth while I ran around taking pictures and shopping. Megan was off shopping too. Meika is wearing her little Noro Silk Garden vest. This is one of the patterns that will be in the new Noro Book coming out sometime this year. It is knit from side to side.

I took a picture of the twisted float shrug but it didn't turn out so I will try again and post it later.


Uli said...

Awesome pictures, Shelley. Sounds like lots of fun all around.

Anonymous said...

What a family resemblance between you and your daughter, especially in that snowman picture. Shopped for a while in your booth on Saturday...drooled over the Silk Garden. I love that vest.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I'm having some issues with the twisted float shrug. I was hoping to gain some experience from you.

First of all, do you end up carrying the color or breaking the yarn when you start the 2nd color.... there are too many rows of one color to carry the other color nicely.

2nd, what increase are you using?

3rd, are you also getting a jog where the knit becomes purl?

Any help?