Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Taking a few days off

I am taking a few days off and going to Vancouver to visit my kids. I am going tomorrow and will be back Sunday. Anyone who has bought on this weeks auction if you pay by tonight, your parcel will be in tomorrows mail. If you pay later it will be in Mondays mail. I will send this info with your invoices today.
At the store it will be business as usual,(I am not really needed there). Deb is working tomorrow and Mom is doing Saturday for me.
I really need a break so this will be fun. I hope the weather is nice so I can get out and walk on the Seawalk. I will probably post from down there as I will have time. I hope to get lots of knitting done.

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Uli said...

Enjoy your visit to Vancouver. On one of your visits down, we should try and get together so you can meet Jonathan. Have fun!!!