Monday, March 06, 2006

Twisted Float Shrug in the mail

The Twisted float shrug is on it way to its new owner. Hope she sends us a picture of her wearing it. I hope she likes it. It was a fun sweater to knit and I am glad to be done it. Here are some pictures of it.

A Closeup of the back. The colours are amazing. It is knit in Lorna's Lace worsted Watercolour and Charcoal.
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The front
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The sweater laid out on the floor
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Deb modelling it. Looks great on.
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I had some questions about it on one of my comments and I don't have anyway of answering you so I will do it here.

First of all, do you end up carrying the color or breaking the yarn when you start the 2nd color.... there are too many rows of one color to carry the other color nicely. - I carry the colour while I was twisting the floats and then break the yarn for the plain section.
2nd, what increase are you using? - I knit in to the front and the back of the same stitch, Use stitch markers to mark where the increase sections start and if you stagger the increases like they suggest they don't even show.
3rd, are you also getting a jog where the knit becomes purl? Yes. There is a line where the knit row becomes a purl. If you look close on the sweater in the magazine you can see this too. I tried everything to figure out how to avoid this but never did. It looks ok as it looks like a very neat seam. When I did the sleeves I put that section on the inside of the arm if it is worn as a sweater. That was complicated to figure out. If you have any more questions email me at  and I will answer you in email.



Anonymous said...

Wow, the shrug is absolutely stunning looking! The owner will be thrilled with it.

Uli said...

that's absolutely beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is an incredible sweater! What a joy to make, I'm sure, AND to wear. Lucky recipient!