Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Opal Petticoat Cotton is coming

The new Opal Petticoat Cotton is on its way and I have it posted in the Web Store. You can shop now as it is selling quickly, I won't be able to ship it until Monday, May 15th but I am taking orders now. Trish at Ladybug yarns said it is way nicer than the pictures. I can't wait to get it. I think I like 1338 the best, but that might change once I see it. I will take some pictures once it arrives.
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Do you remember this post when I mentioned I entered the elann contest, well I got an email today saying "send in the garment" as I am in the top ten. I was so excited. Top 10, that is good enough for me, can you imagine if I actually win, I will need medical help. Now this month will go very slow. I should be able to get a lot of knitting done if it slows down enough. I am still working on the item for the Cherry Tree Hill contest. It has to be in the mail by May 24th at the latest to get there on time. I am nearly done so I should get it to them on time.

I also got some commision knitting to do in a hurry. 5 Pairs of socks, now pairs aren't my strong suit but when it is a job item I can usually get it done. My Mom is going to do 1 pair, Deb is going to do a pair and I will do the rest. I will post pictures once I am done one. They are socks from the Nancy Bush Knitting Vintage Socks book. The socks are for a photo shoot being done in New York with kids dressed like some Nursery ryhmes. The costume designer wants hand knit old fashion looking socks, so I think those will do. Between the socks and the contest knitting I am very busy.

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