Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Spring has sprung

Spring is definately here in BC. We have had a few days of beautiful weather. I have been working in the yard a lot and not blogging very faithfully. I have been doing a lot of knitting but can't blog about it because the knitting is for contests. I don't expect to win either contest but it is just fun I will blog about it once the contests are over. I knit a round item for the Elann contest and I am now knitting an item for the Cherry Tree Hill contest. Lots of fun. I also have the most serious case of One sockitis I have ever had, I have 5 socks done and no pairs. I usually will knit 2 pair of socks at once but never 5. Maybe this is one of the hazards of owning a yarn store. Lots of new yarns to try.

I only have 1 picture form the store this week and it is a good one. Here is a picture of Terry wearing her Noro sweater. The pattern was originally written for cotton but she improvised and what a beautiful sweater she got. It has nice cables on it but they didn't show up that well in the picture. Good job Terry.
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I just got in more Malibrigo - 6 more colours 157, 194, 148, 27, 44 and 96. So much yarn so little time.

Another bit of news that I will blog more about is - Fun Knits is going to have a booth at the Victoria Knit-Out on June 11th. I will be bringing lots of sock yarn. I am sure I will share more about this as it come closer. So if you live in the area or even close by mark this date on your calendar and stop in to say "HI".

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Anonymous said...

Hi from Austria! Oh, isn't it great that spring is here and the time to work in the garden (or balcony in my case) is back? Sure distracts a bit from knitting, but we will be back to that, no?
Terry looks so great in her Noro sweater, it turned out so cool - great job!