Monday, November 27, 2006

Snow and Ice

Well I have had a few things slow down the move to the new store but this one takes the cake. We had a big dump of snow over the weekend and it is all frozen and icy here - should make a fun slippery time of moving. It is supposed to be cold all week so no hope of this snow leaving soon. Usually here when we get snow it is gone the next day but it looks like winter wonderland will stay all week. I was hoping it wouldn't be raining when we moved all the yarn but I think snow is worse.
Oh well not much I can do but complain. As you can see by the picture nothing, not even snow will stop the yarn parcels from getting to the Post Office on time. Megan and Meika delivered them today on a nice walk in the snow. The roads are glare ice here I am certainly not driving anywhere.


Anonymous said...

We've got lots of snow here, too. And maybe even more on the way on Wednesday. I managed to stay home again today but tomorrow I will have to venture out. Don't like driving on the sheet of ice that our road has turned into.

Deb said...

Here in Kingston, we are unseasonably warm! I like snow for the holidays- wanna trade?????? Congrats on the new store-looks like you have a winner there!