Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Update on moving

Things are moving very slow right now but that is going to change. The new store is close to ready. Tomorrow we will finish painting and cleaning. We have the layout planned sort of and now it just a matter of getting the job done. We have all the new light bought and the new sign on order, the phone and computer line ordered.
This was the last Wed in the old store, we will be open again tomorrow and on Sat. We are going to close the store from Nov 22 - 29th so we can move. We have to move all the lights and shelves and of course all of the yarn. Big job
I have a very excitng new feature to offer in the new store. I am going to have a live web cam at the store and people will be able to come on and check out the store and interact with us. They can shop in real time with a real sales person to help them. We will be able to have 2 people at once on line. This will be linked to the web site. I think this is the one thing that is lacking when shopping on the internet is real service and talking to a real person. I really want to hear what people think about this and I also will need a few people to test this new system with. I will let you know when it is up and running and when I will start testing it. I would like it running smooth for our opening day which will be Nov. 30th.
So please send me some feedback on this idea and any suggestions are welcome too. Now back to work.

Local Knitters: Don't forget tomorrow night Nov. 16th is the Knitter's Guild meeting 7pm - 701 Heriot Bay Rd, Bring your knitting and come and enjoy.


Deb said...

What an excellent idea!!! I often have to "go with my gut" when shopping on line-as to colours, or whether this goes with that, or if I need that extra ball. Well done! You just may have revolutionized web shopping!!!!

Partly Cloudy Knitter said...

I'm so excited for your new store. Web cam shopping is just a great idea. Much better than telling someone that I like bright colors and then waiting for the mail and hoping I really DO like those bright colors ;-D

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

On-line virtual shopping - WOW! Best of luck with the move. I look forward to the new shop.