Monday, January 08, 2007

When will I ever learn !!!!!!!

When will I ever learn not to brag when my special needs son is doing well. I jinxed that poor guy so bad by saying he hadn't been in hospital for the entire year of 2006. Literally New Years eve we all got Norwalk Virus. By the 2nd Megan and Meika were sick and then by the 4th the boys were sick. My poor special needs boy had to go into hospital for a few days. He was really sick. Do you think I will ever learn not to tempt fate like that. When he goes in hospital I always stay with him to help out - his needs are quite complex. Well I got it too - talk about sick. I was too sick to knit. I bought simple socks to the hospital with me and sat there the first day too sick to knit at all. I have never been to sick to knit before. The next day I could knit and I designed a sock pattern and called it Norwalk. I cast on 64 sts. and did a tight cable all the way around. It was too tight to even fit Meika so I had to rip it out. I spent the rest of the time knitting plain socks that I can actually wear. We finally got home tonight and I guess we will all live. Hopefully we never get that again and I will never blog about my sons good health again.
Anyone who came by the store on Friday and it was closed due to illness well that was why. Be glad you didn't come into contact with me and get this. I am in hiding now until Thursday then I will be back in the store. No risk of catching it from me by then.
Anyways on to some interesting news.
I was published in the local Newspaper this month here is the link to the article. You may need binoculars to read it. I found it hard to read - very small print(or maybe I am still too sick to read small print). It was a good article thanks to Tanya. It was a fun interview.
Well here is hoping the rest of 2007 will be better than this first week.


Sue said...

How awful for you all to be sick. I have had bronchitis since the 26th and still feel lousy, but no hospital visits thank goodness. I think another visit to the doctor will be in order though, as the medication did not really work. Cant wait to see the socks you made either.

Deb said...

OH you poor thing- well, let's hope you got over the whole year of sickness and now it is smooth sailing!