Sunday, September 30, 2007

Knitter's night

Better late than never for posting about fun stuff.

These are the pictures from our 1st knitter's night of the season. We met 2 Thursday's ago. Look at all that nice knitting and all the nice hand knit socks on people's feet. Marni has her kauni nearly done and it looks great. She did hers in EG and EK. Great combination.

My Kauni is on the table. I have actually been working on it this weekend and have the sleeves done. Now I m deciding on what to do with the button band. I am definitely going to steek it and knit it in the round. I am still deciding on my design for the buttonband. I don't want buttons but I want the clasp closures instead. I will show pictures of it once I am done.

Tomorrow I am heading off the Salt Spring Island for a few day. Be back on Thursday. If I am slow answering emails that is why. I'm gone. I will be busy hanging out with great knitter's and designers. WOW what fun.

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