Thursday, September 13, 2007

What a busy day

Everyone who ordered Kauni yarn from me in the last few weeks - your yarn was shipped today. I will be emailing everyone but there are a lot of you so it may take a while to reach everyone. Here is Nadine our very happy Post lady with the first parcel of the day going out.
Michele that is your yarn she is holding. Nadine is just as happy as we are that the yarn came, so now I won't be bugging her daily.
We got 2 shipments today. They were ordered a week apart and arrived the same day. The one parcel was very beat up. I guess they inspected it at customs. Played football with it or something. None of the yarn was damaged thank heavens. These are very huge parcels, the 2 of them are the size of the couch.
Deb spent the entire day packaging yarn and we even have a bit left. Actually we have a lot left. I got in 2 new colours and I LOVE them. I got in EM the reds and EZ the turquoise. I will get them on the web site for sale tomorrow night. Well back to emailing.


Michelle Martino said...

Woooohooo! yeeeha!!! How I wish I could come and play in all that incredible wool. Fun Knits Rocks and I will shout the accolades of my appreciation for you fabulous customer service from the rooftops of any knitter who will listen! :)

Dandy said...

Michelle I'm with you... Shelly ROCKS!!!

too bad I missed the new colorways...

I guess I'll just have to buy