Thursday, October 04, 2007

What fun I had

I really enjoyed my stay on Salt Spring Island. The first night we just relaxed and did nothing. Rare for me. The next day we went shopping out for lunch and then went to visit Mary Tanti.(The designer of the new Kauni Jacket) She made us a great dinner then we got down to business and she helped me finish the Kauni. Cardigan. Yes I said FINISH. She showed me a great cast off that just completed the sweater so nicely. I ended up staying up unitl 2 am to get this sweater finished so I could wear it the next day.

The next day we set up to sell yarn, Not until noon so I did get to sleep late. After the yarn sales flurry I sat around and chatted with Lucy Neatby. She showed about 10 different techniques in about that many minutes. Wow is she ever an amazing knitter. Lucy loves the kauni and we traded kauni for DVD's and patterns. She had all kinds of ideas for the Kauni yarn and I can't wait to see them.

That night Mary had a few people over for dinner, Lucy Neatby and her assistant Susan, Elna ( she wrote Cottage Knits, More Cottage knits and One More Row for Briggs and Little) and my Husband and I. it was really fun to relax and visit with such wonderful talented knitters. of course we talked about knitting - knitting and more knitting.

Thursday we went to Jane Stafford's studio. we had a great visit and what a nice studio she has. I bought some wonderful cotton to weave some towels and left her with some Kauni EQ and EM to weave

So that is how the last few days went. I feel blessed and humbled to have been with these wonderful talented people. I learned so much and the biggest thing I learned was that I have so much learn about knitting.

The pictures are in order of event.

And you may wonder what my husband thought of all this knitting and fibre fun. Well he enjoyed lots of time to play his guitar. He is a clasical guitarist so he travels with his own amusement when times get boring.


Anonymous said...

Your sweater looks amazing Shelley!
Glad you had such a great time, was thinking of you. You certainly kept great company!

Deb said...

Your sweater looks grand!!!! Good work! And of course, I am dying of jealousy with your choice of dinner guests! (Lucy Neatby?? Lucky you) Have you seen and felt her Celestial Merino????

TrampledbyGeese said...

Great sweater Shelley! Looks like you had great fun at Salt Spring.

Amy said...

I love the cast off that you used! I have to ask, where might I find any references to how to do this?

Shan said...

Wow, great time was had, hey? I didn't know your husband was a classical guitarist - that is AWESOME. I have always wanted to play and love must have some lovely relaxing evenings in your house.

Just emailed you about the Island Hues - I really hope you can help me out Dear, Sweet, Wonderful Shelley. I be desperate.

Anonymous said...

What a stunning sweater!!

I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. I'm at the decrease for the back of the neck on my Kauni.

Did you decrease every row for 7 rows, or every other row?

The pattern sounds like you should do it every other row as instructed for the front. However, I only have 1.5" to accomplish this and it's not enough.

Thank you for any help that you can give me. I appreciate it.