Sunday, January 27, 2008

Meika's first sweater from her Mom

My daughter Megan is knitting her first sweater for her daughter Meika. She ran out of wool this weekend so I had to mail her more yarn real quick. She was so excited to see how the sweater was turning out that she blocked it and sewed it together then tried it on Meika while it is still on the needles.

I remember trying sweaters on my kids when they were little while still on the needles. I probably tried several on Megan.

Maybe my Mom tried sweaters on us still on the needles. I will have to ask her.

The cute sweater is knit with Jo Sharp Aran Silkroad 85% Wool, 10% Silk & 5% Cashmere. It is really soft and will be nice and warm for Meika once the hood is finished. The pattern is the hooded sweater in the Debbie Bliss book Special Knits. She altered the pattern a bit (just like I always do) she knit a different cuffs and bottom.

I wonder if Meika will knit sweaters for her kids and try them on while still on the needles. She will think that is absolutely normal. It certainly is in our family. Stay tuned for the finished sweater picture. Megan should get the yarn tomorrow.

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