Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Here are a couple of pictures from our Tuesday morning spinning. In the first picture Diane is proudly showing us her 1st hand spun yarn. Really nice yarn I know mine was a lot lumpier than that. She also makes great little coil baskets. Roz is spinning like a pro and Vyvyan is our fabulous teacher. She helped me learn to spin different fibres this week. So I spent my morning spinning silk, baby camel and cashmere. She will be teaching spinning at the retreat in April.
Carol is in the other picture. She has really taken to spinning also.
Now do you want to hear a crazy story about a fluke knitting injury. I was very relaxed on Sunday knitting socks while I was working with my special needs son. All of a sudden I realized I forgot to do something important with him and I threw my knitting down and jumped up and jammed the bamboo knitting needle 1 1/2" into my foot between my big toe and the next one.
I am sorry I don't have a picture for you as I didn't want to hop upstairs to get my camera with my knitting stuck in my foot. You could see the needle in there. It was quite gross.
It was really hard to pull the needle out as it was stuck so far in my foot. Boy did that ever hurt. I broke the needle too. It was a 3mm needle. Ouch. It is fine now. Yesterday it hurt to wear shoes and I went to the Dr. - She was worried about Tetanus and infection so I got a shot and now I have a sorer arm. I guess I need to wear steel toe boots to knit or be much more careful wear I throw my knitting down.
My foot feels much better today. I am really getting lots of socks knit. I have 4 pair done now and many more to do.
Will post sock pictures later

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