Sunday, March 27, 2005

Cotton Sale went great

The cotton sale went great yesterday. We were really busy all day and I met lots of new people. There were plenty of tourists on the island for the holiday weekend and lots of knitters. I'm glad they found the store.
Our visitor from farthest away yesterday was from Spain. She was freezing and bought a large cable shawl I had for sale. Here is her picture with her friends.

Lady visiting from Spain in shawl
Carol was in the store picking up some Regia cotton sock yarn and she brought in the most beautiful sweater. This was knit with all good quality wools blended together It is a real work of art -

Carol's sweater

Brenda came to the store yesterday. We had a lot of fun. She brought in her Clapotis. It is beautiful . I am glad I saw this in person because the pictures don't do this shawl justice. (even the one I took) I think I will make this sometime. She made it out of Super 10 cotton in a jade colour. Really turned out nice. Looks great on and is so soft.

Brenda modelling her Clapotis
A lady in the store at the time wanted to buy Brenda's shawl from her. It was kind of funny.
I also got a picture of Ming wearing the baby outfit I made for my new Grandbaby if it is a girl. It is knit with Opal Uni and hand dyed yarn held together.
Ming in baby outfit
Ming used to have socks but they got bought right off her feet the other day. I can't keep enough baby socks in stock. - Note to myself - Must knit faster. My new grandbaby will need socks too.
Last for the day
Mom finished the knitalong sweater, knit out of Super 10 cotton. It is amazing. Much nicer than the picture looks. Brenda saw it and she is inspired to knit it too. She is making hers in pale yellow cotton.
Mine is still half way up the back. Too many knitting distractions, but now I want to get it finished.
Here is the picture of the first finished knit along sweater. My mom is great at finishing sweaters. I wish I inherieted that trait. I am great at starting them.
Mom's knit along sweater

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