Saturday, March 12, 2005

Machine Knitters Love yarn

Today was a great day. I opened the store at 10:00am so all the knitters from camp could come and check out the store. Well come they did. All of them. Here is a couple of pictures.
The first group to come
Our store is only 350 sq ft. Hard to beleive it held this many people. We kept the door open so there was enough air in there for all of us.
Then the rest came

It was great fun and I must admit my best sales in one day ever. They all loved the store.
One down part of the day, the computer at the store crashed (luckily after all the ladies from camp were done buying). I think it got a virus or something. I will be taking it to the shop on Monday. It just started saying files were missing and pictures were missing. I went to check Norton and it was empty. All my files were empty. I couldn't even turn it off. Luckily I backed up all the store inventory and info. But all my sales records from today are gone. Maybe we burned out the computer ringing in so many purchases in one hour. By 11:30 they were all gone and Mom and i just sat there and said "Wow that was busy."
My sister ran the store today from noon on so I could go back to camp. She had to write receipts the old fashioned way and use a calculator. Embarassing for our high tech store.
I learned so much today. I got the back of a sweater done with lots of help so know I hope I can remember everything to finish the rest of it. I will post a picture of the sweater when (if) finished.
Got no hand knitting done this weekend but lots of machine knitting. The camp is over tomorrow but I am finished tonight. I have to look after the boys tomorrow. I am exhausted so I don't mind. There is only so much information my brain can take in.

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