Thursday, March 17, 2005

Regia Cotton is a hit

The new Regia cotton is definately a hit. I sold some yesterday in the store and got more on hold for someone. I put it on eBay today and have a bid already plus lots of interest and questions. I still haven't got around to making the socks I got as far as threading the machine.
A sock in the making
I am making a pair with this colour
I spent have spent the last few days knitting a poncho with Noro Silk Garden. I hope they will want this pattern for the new book. It is great. Takes 6 balls of yarn. I am making it one colour on one side and another complimentary colour on the other side so depending on your mood your can wear it either way. So far I like it. When it is done I will show a picture. Should be done soon , it is knitting up quickly. It is knit all in one piece, I hate finishing.
Well anyways I better get at packaging up some parcels to mail tomorrow. Had a good auction end today.

Later same day:
I decided to knit a sock tonight so here it is

Cotton Sock
Wow is this nice yarn. I usually sell the socks I make but I am keeping this pair. They are so nice. They are really soft and have a good body to the yarn. Tomorrow we will find out how well the yarn matches up. I am too tired to make its mate tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice sock Shelley, sure fast on the knitting machine! I'm sure some of that yarn will come home with me on my next trip over, whenever that may be.