Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fun Knits Exclusive Lorna's Laces Colors

I am so excited to offer this new yarn

I have been working with Lorna's Laces for a while now to create a few original colors of sock yarn for the store. I got to pick the colors and with some coaching from Beth at Lorna's Laces this is the finished product. They did a spectacular job of creating the color to capture the yarns I wanted.

The first one is named Quadra Island

It is Blue, grey, cedar and purple. This color was inspired by this beautiful island, which is just east of Campbell River on Vancouver Island. I live on this island and love the scenery here so as a tribute to it we design this colorway of yarn with Lorna's Laces. The blue is for the ocean, grey the mountains, cedar for the forest, and purple for the distant mountains. Lorna's laces did a wonderful job of capturing the feel of Quadra Island with this colorway.

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The second color is Fun Knits

It is Brown, brick, gold and beige. This color combination is so great. These socks look wam before they are even put on your feet. The colors for this yarn were inspired from the Fun Knits Yarn Shop. It has very warm earthy colors and is a very cozy warm yarn store. Lorna's Lace really captured the essence of the store in this sock yarn colorway.
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Here are both the colors together with one sock knit from each color. I have since finished the pairs. I am really thrilled with both colors. The are great unisex colors, I actually don't have a favorite. I love them both. Please let me know what you think of them.

They are only available at my eBay store and at Fun Knits Yarn Shop on Quadra Island.
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Here are some fun pictures of Megan and Meika's visit. The first one is Meika helping Grandpa get fire wood. Not sure who is having more fun but my guess would be Grandpa.

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This picture I just finished bathing Meika and warming her up by the fire. I just love naked baby pictures. 

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On the knitting scene. I have no pictures, too exciteed about the Lorna's laces yarn. I got 2 pair of socks done today (machine knit) the baby earflap hat nearly done, the Vogue shrug started, nice knitting with Lorna's laces shepherd worsted. It is wonderful yarn. The shrug is going to be spectacular. I will post a picture soon once I get it on a larger circular needle.


Uli said...

Well, you already know what I think of them and how much I love them.... what an exciting experience for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Those colorways are beautiful!!! If I can't get to the store at least I'd have a sense of it by knitting with the yarn. ;)