Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Opal Saphir is on ebay

I finally got the pattern for the twinset so I post the Opal Saphir yarn on eBay. The twinset is only written in size small. That wouldn't fit me for sure so I will be working on the math today to try and make this pattern to fit more than petit women. It is a really cute pattern. The sleeveless sweater is done with 2 panel, front and back in stocking st. Then a moss stitch panel at each side to join it. This should be easy to adjust to larger sizes.
The cardigan is knit in Moss stitch from side to side, so it shouldn't be too hard to make bigger either.

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Uli said...

I only had hopes and dreams that they'd make that sideways cardigan pattern in even remotely a size that was close to fitting me. Mind you, it really shouldn't be too hard to upsize. I just grabbed the German pattern off the German Opal web site. I think it's an awesome looking cardigan especially because it turns the striping yarn into vertical lines rather than all horizontals. Just trying to figure how much extra yarn it would take. I'll have to do some math. You'll get more of the stuff in if it sells out quickly or right away, right? I figure I have about 3 months for more yarn purchases and then I'll be out high and dry with a promise that I won't buy much yarn while I'm on mat leave.

Talk to you later.