Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Fibrefest I missed

As all of you know I missed going to the Fiberfest this year. But thanks to cell phones and the Internet I felt like I was there. I got a full set of fashion show pictures, another full set of Sivia's presentation plus lots of Knit Out pictures.
My daughter and I cell phone shopped in the morning. She went around to each booth highlighting what they had in there booths and i talked to lots of the vendors who are friends.
Raven, Joan, Mary and Sarah all helped at the booth and I can't than k them enough for this. They all did a great job.
Judy sat in front of the booth and spun.
It was a nice day but windy and it looks like everyone had fun.
Here are some pictures starting with the fashion show and of course Meika wearing the little Kauni skirt set I made for her. The next picture is Marilyn the Fiberfest coordinator holding up my ravelry picture I sent to say hi to everyone. The rest are Sivia's presentation which I wish I could have been too and then the Knit out. Trish from Indigo Moon is talking to me on the phone.
So I still was very much a part of the weekend thanks to technology and friends and family.

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