Monday, June 09, 2008

Horray!!! Grandma sent me a parcel

On this rainy stormy day I got a parcel full of socks from Grandma.

My favorite are the multi color pink cotton ones. My Elephant really loves them too, keeps his trunk nice and warm.

I am so excited that I can put these socks on all by my self... socks on more socks.

I have a bit of growing to do before the wool cherry tree hill ones fit me. But it wont take me long, Mom says Im growing up really fast!
Thank you for the socks Grandma. I love them!!!
Love Meika


Fun Knits said...

You are so welcome Meika. I am glad you and your elephant love the socks.

TrampledbyGeese said...

Those socks look fantastic on you Meika. Have you grown since March? You look taller. (Raven, I met you at the sewing show with your Grandma)