Monday, June 16, 2008

Victoria FibreFest next weekend

Wow this snuck up quickly. The annual Victoria FibreFest and Knit Out is coming this weekend.
Look how much fun we had last year. I just looked at the weather forecast (scroll down for the long range forecast). It looks like the Knit Out day will have great weather - Sunny partly cloudy a high of 18C and S winds 5k and a 10% chance of rain.
I hope that is an accurate forecast. I really hate subjecting the yarn to the elements. It is a lot of work to keep the yarn all dry in an outdoor (hurricane) market place.
Last year it was amazing how many people came and enjoyed the day inspite of the weather. Diehard BC knitters.
This year the fibrefest will have the same general layout
Fashion Show on Friday night - Meika will be in this modeling several garments - only 1 I knit.
Saturday - will be the yarn crawl and classes. Saturday night Sivia Harding will be the guest speaker
Sunday the Knit Out. Sivia has designed this fabulous shawl for the event and we will have kits available to make this shawl. Kits include 4 skeins of natural Silk 55%/Cashmere 45%, beads, pattern and a crochet hook for putting on the beads. The retail price of the kit is $84.95 and the Knit Out special will be $69.95. Plus we will have loads of great yarn.
The big difference this year is that I can't come. Fun Knits will still be there. I am so fortunate to have so many good people to help me out when I am having a bad time.

On Friday my husband Bill is going to help me pack up the store and head for Victoria by himself. He will meet Megan and Meika there. They will go to the fashion show and take lots of pictures I hope. Here is a picture of my husband so you can all be very kind to him. This is his first show without me.
On Saturday - Mary Tanti and Joan Powers are going to teach sock knitting for me. They have taught several classes with me before so they are ready to do it without me.
Saturday night I will be home pouting that I can't be there to see Sivia's presentation. My gang aren't going to that so if someone would send me pictures that would be great.
On Sunday Bill and troop will set up the booth. (This will be his first time setting up the yarn without me, I am a bit worried about this). Raven and Joan will be at the booth to help you buy yarn all day. Sarah has also volunteered to help out. I feel great about this. Many of you may have met Raven at the Victoria Sewing and Craft show. She helped me there also.
What a great group of people. I will miss being there but Fun Knits and all the yarn will be there.
I leave you with a pictures of Meika from her 3rd Birthday Party.(Which I also missed believe it or not)

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Spinny Bunt said...

Big hugs! I'll miss seeing you in Victoria, but I'll be up to see Roz soon and I'll try to see you then.