Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Lots of work done today

I got lots done in the store today and yesterday. So far we have some of the new lights up and 1 of the slatwalls. Also we got the couch moved over. Today I got a lot of the inventory done and my Mom and Dad helped ticket things and stock the shelves. We are probably 1/4 done the inventory. Lots more to do. soon I will take some pictures and post them.
I put a small auction on eBay this week as they won't let me list some of my yarns. They are saying I have to edit my listings so I only got about 1/2 the usual inventory on eBay. I was able to get all my new yarn listed. I might have to relist all my old yarn over again. I am still waiting to hear back from eBay as to what is wrong with my listings.
As for knitting I have the back , 1 front and sleeve done on a baby sweater.
I am off to knit right now. I need some down time.

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