Saturday, December 18, 2004

The New store looks great

I was over to the store last night. I have been staying away so I don't bug the guy who is working on it. Yesterday the phone line went in while I wasn't home so I went over to see if they came. They did of course, so I know have a phone and high speed internet in the store.
I was pleasantly surprised how great the store looks. He was just finishing the shelves, all the painting is done and the tile floor entrance is down and today the carpet is going in. This store is going to look so good. Once it is finished I will post pictures before we put anything in it. The store is pretty small but it will certainly hold a lot of yarn. There is 16' of shelves on one wall. These are the triangle shelves 16" x 16" and 18" deep. There are 36 full trianlges and 36 1/2 size triangles along the edges and on the top and bottom. These shelves are made out of birch a nice light wood.
I can't wait to start loading them up with yarn.
I have all of my yarn, patterns and needles ordered for now. The next 2 weeks are going to be really busy getting, pricing and sorting all of this.
This week I got my Opal order in and the new sweater yarn is wonderful. I will be posting at my eBay Store when I reopen my auction Dec. 28th. I am going to make a baby sweater over the holidays, for my new Grand Baby due in June, out of one of the colours and will post a picture when done.
I didn't get much Christmas knitting done this year with the store opening. Oh well can't do everything.

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Brenda said...

Hi Shelley. Uli has told me about your store and your blog. I'll look forward to coming over to see the store in the New Year. Merry Christmas!