Thursday, December 30, 2004

Another busy day

My Mom and Dad came over and helped me with the inventory again. Things were going really well until Mom ran out of price tags in the new pricing gun. It took me over an hour to figure out how to load the gun with more tickets. I was trying to do it very complicated and it was actually very simple. I must have wasted 1/2 a roll of tickets oh well live and learn. I got a lot more yarn in the shelves. I am such a hopeless yarn addict. Everything I put in the shelves I wanted to make something out of. I will probably go broke with this yarn store because I will knit everything in the store. I sold my 1st ball of yarn in the store today. A young girl came by and asked if she could buy some yarn for a hat. We said sure and let her in. Excused the mess and then she shopped. It was fun. She ended up buying Gjestal Naturgarn in black. Should make a nice hat.
Another person stopped by and bought a couple of scarves from me. It was a good days business for a closed store.
My Mom bought a baby basket for our new Grand baby due in June so we figured until June we will fill it with Sirdar Baby yarn. It looks really cute. This should inspire a few baby outfits.

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