Sunday, December 12, 2004

Yarn shopping

I have been very busy getting yarn and fixtures for the new store. This is too much like fun to be called work. We went to Home Depot the other day and bought all the lights for the store. We are going to have halogen track lighting in most of the store and a light fixture on a post on both sides of the store then a big feature light over the checkout. The light we got for there is wonderful. A huge stained glass swag light. It will match the colour of the store and the cedar beams.
The store is painted a nice sunny yellow. On a dull rainy day it will be bright and cheery. It has cedar post and beams. I will include some pictures next week once we get the lights up and before I stock the shelves.
I got a shipment of yarn last week Fortissima sock yarn, it is really nice. I got Sirdar baby yarn, Domino DK and Baby Care DK in lots of colours. I got Patons Bumblebee cotton and more White Buffalo yarn. I also got my bamboo needles in. Love those too. Next week I should get my shipment from Opal of the the new sweater yarn and 3 lollipop colours that were reprinted, 1009, 1010 and 1016 also 6 colours of Mosiak
Well I will keep updating as things happen. I am hoping to open the first or second week in Jan. I am going to be very busy over Christmas holidays.

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Uli said...

Hi Shelley,
Nice blog. Sounds like you're really busy. I can't wait for the 6-ply and the Lollipop.... I'm almost as excited as you. What kind of Bamboo needles did you get in?