Monday, December 13, 2004

More Yarn shopping

I just put in a big order with Diamond and Nova yarns. I am getting Gjestal Naturgarn, in 15 colours, Valeria di Romi - Garbi in all the colours, Tona in all the colours. Carioca in all the colours, Emu Superwash in a variety of colours, and the rest are Sirdar yarns Denim Aran in all the colours, Denim Tweed DK in 6 colours, Snuggly 4ply in 12 colours and Snuggly DK in 10 colours. I got 10 pattern books from Sirdar and a bunch of leaflets. I can't wait to get all this yarn now that I have somewhere to put it. It is going to take 2 weeks to unpack, inventory and stock the shelves.
Hope all these links work. I am new to this but I think I figured it out.
I will be putting my order into Patons tomorrow or Wed. That should be fun. Now I need to get some housework done.

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Uli said...

The links work. You're getting right into all the yarn.... wow. Enjoy getting everything ready.