Saturday, April 16, 2005


Warning - Don't read this if you are not in the mood for the rantings of an angry eBay seller.
I have been publically humiliated. I often wondered how I would react if I got a neutral or Heaven forbid Negative rating on my eBay. Well today I checked and I have received a Neutral rating from a customer. I am so insulted I cried(and if any of you know me that takes a lot)I am tough. The comment stated "slow shipping". I mailed this item the day the person paid for it. What more can I do. They paid for it April 6th and it was mailed April 6th. (Item purchased March 31)and I assume they got it yesterday, April 15th. Maybe the customer didn't realize I ship from Canada and it has to go through customs.
Anyways I am insulted. I work really hard to mail items as soon as they are paid for. I have stayed up very late sometimes to get this accomplished. I have got up at 5Am to make sure my mailing is ready as I leave on the 9 am ferry everyday.
Maybe people don't realize how important the rating is to a seller on eBay. I feel like I have a huge black mark against me now, I have some wonderful customers and many are repeat customers. I hope this doesn't affect my business.
On a happier note:
I have decided to knit the Lorna's laces Watercolour socks for myself and I am going to do that right now so I can wear them to the store today. Maybe that will cheer me up. I will post a picture of them when they are done.


Anonymous said...

I used to sell on ebay, mostly crafty and vintage items I found at garage sales and thrift stores. I had one package go missing en route to Ontario, and the buyer left me a negative. I was so upset, and I think I cried too. And the item was about $2 or something too. My record was otherwise spotless, so it irked me that she thought I hadn't mailed her item. Still makes me mad 2 or 3 years later! Anyway, try not to take it too seriously, I really doubt it will affect your sales anyway.

Enjoy your new socks, can't wait to see them. Wish I could make it over there today, I think we could both do with the company and distraction. Joe's home, feeling better but still somewhat shaky. I'll blog later, when I finish the Regia cotton socks.

Uli said...

Geez.... the nerve of some people. Don't take it too seriously. It certainly won't stop me from being a continued customer of yours!!! I know how hard you work at it.... didn't you even take packages to mail off if you got payment while you were in Vancouver. Now that's going beyond the call of duty.