Sunday, April 24, 2005

Very Relaxing day at the store.

Yesterday was a great day at the store. Hmmm - How many post do I start that way.--
Anyways it was fun. The sun was shining and I spent most of the day out in front of the store knitting with other knitters. I didn't have any books, inventory, rearranging etc to do so when there were no customers we sat and knit. When we did have customers they joined us to sit and knit after shopping. I am going to buy a patio furniture for out in front of the store as it is a perfect place to sit and knit or look at pattern books on nice days. We have great shade from the many trees, a nice view and the breeze off the ocean. I can't think of a better place to relax and enjoy knitting. Here is a picture of Mom and Carrie sitting knitting.
Mom is working on a heirloom Lace shawl for our new grandbaby coming and Carrie is working on a dishcloth. I was working on a Noro Shawl but I am not in the picture.( I took it)
Knitting outside the store
Here is a picture of the storefront with the flowers blooming.
Flowers in front of the store

Here is Carrie's finished dishcloth. She is quite pleased with it. Whipped it up in about an hour.
Carrie's dishcloth
Carrie is the owner of the store I rent for Fun Knits Yarn Shop. She also has a Bed and Breakfast and Cottage rental for Vacations. I have added a link to the home page at You can contact Carrie to get inforamtion about her rental's. This is a great vacation spot for knitter as you couldn't get any closer to our great little yarn store.

New on eBay this week is Spring time yarn from Opal

Coming next week at my eBay Store new Noro Kureyon and Silk Garden colours for 2005. This yarn will be available as a" Buy it Now" item. I will sell it by single balls. Kureyon will be $7.35 US and Silk Garden will be $8.35 US
Opal Rodeo Cotton and Opal Silk These will be on the auction. I can't wait to get this yarn. The silk is what I am dying to see and feel. It should be here by Wednesday and available at the store then. I will put it on the auction Thursday.
I will be getting the new Opal Prisma in a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

You can count me in for knitting in front of the store on a nice day.
As for the new yarn....part of me hopes it is there by Wednesday when I am over, and part of me doesn't. Not sure if I really need more temptation right now.

Affectionately Yours, Gary & Rene said...

Shelley, I came across your blog browsing around. I'm so jealous, I would love to own or even work in a yarn shop. Actually, I did work in a yarn shop years ago, but it wasn't as relaxing and fun as your's appears to be.

I'm also 50 years old with 3 grown children (daughters). Will the new grandchild be your first?

I also love to knit, socks being one of my favorites. Baby and children things are fun too.

Good Luck and much success with your store.

Samantha said...

Your store is adorable! If I'm ever in your area, I'll be sure to add it to my list of 'must see attractions' ... We're in Ontario, but we plan to take a trip out West sometime in the not too distant future. :)